Psychohammer 2.8 Hybrid

The maximum performance hybrid

The maximum performance hybrid

Maximum performance for everyone, every time!
Thanks to the Punkair Hybrid construction, the Psychohammer becomes a high-performance sports glider, which appeals to both performance-oriented pilots and pure pleasure pilots, even in demanding weather conditions. A truly multipurpose high performance glider.

Technical data: 
Wing span: 5.0m
Surface area: approx. 2,8m²
Aspect ratio 9,1
Cells: 63, thereof
17 single-skin
Weight range: 2,5 – 4,0 kg
Pilot requirement: C


Our maximum performance hybrid SKYMAN Psychohammer Hybrid raises the bar in RC paraglider construction to an unprecedented level.

Here, pure performance is paired with very smooth handling and harmless flight characteristics. A truly unique piece of sports equipment, which both rounds off our series of hybrid paragliders upwards and reduces the demands of the high-performance paraglider on the pilot.

The double skin version of the SKYMAN Psychohammer is already a wing that sets standards in all areas and is in many ways the forerunner of a new standard in RC paraglider construction. The design, the material and the manufacturing quality are impressive at first sight and the construction is by far the most elaborate that has ever been brought to market in the RC paraglider sector. The technical data speak for themselves. An aspect ratio of 9 is extreme even in full scale paraglider construction. 63 cells, double-skin 2-liner technology, the Psychohammer sets standards everywhere.

The hybrid version is also quite easy and extremely enjoyable to fly and therefore offers even less experienced pilots a high performance paraglider that is unique on the ground as well as in the air and unfolds its performance potential even in difficult conditions.

Despite its high aspect ratio and design as a high performer, the Psychohammer Hybrid does not collapse instantaneously in gusts. The launch behaviour is harmless and thanks to the two-line technology, line sorting becomes child’s play. The Psychohammer Hybrid remains stable even in strong thermals and gusty weather, while it can be accelerated extremely far and safely. Even acro-flights, such as loops or helicos, are almost an easy task. This makes the high performance wing accessible even to less experienced pilots.

In all this, one should not forget that the Psychohammer Hybrid is not a beginner’s paraglider. It is rather a real high performer and, thanks to the Punkair Hybrid construction, offers even occasional pilots a lot of fun with the unique look, the unbeatable flight performance and the incomparable feeling of flying a Psychohammer.

-And even in weather where others would not dare to take off.

Psychohammer Hybrid –
The maximum performance hybrid







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