Wave 3.0 Scale Drachen

Scale Hang Glider Trike

Hang Glider Trike

RC scale hang glider in unique scale look and very good flight characteristics. With original fabric and authentic rigging.

Wing span: 3 m
Surface area: approx. 1.7 m²
Aspect ratio: approx. 5.2
Double sail ratio: 40%
Sail battens: 6 per side
External cross tube
Weight range: 3,5 – 4,5 kg
Pilot requirement: A
Steering: Weight shifting
Control functions: Left/right, high/low, throttle
Mixer required: Standard Delta/V mixer

The Wave 3.0 is a scale RC hang glider with true-to-scale weight-shifting control.
The special type of control makes the Wave 3.0 extremely easy to fly, so that even inexperienced pilots are quickly successful. The flight picture is unbelievably realistic, not least because of the pilot, who moves along analogously to the steering, and can be enjoyed to the fullest in flight thanks to the low minimum flying speed.

The Wave 3.0 is a flexible hang glider with a 40% dopel sail. This guarantees smooth flight characteristics. Due to the flexible and extremely robust construction, damage caused by hard landings is extremely rare. Even crashes, should they occur, are usually taken in stride by the Wave 3.0.
Despite its size with a wingspan of 3 metres, it can be folded very compactly and is therefore extremely easy to transport.


Wave 3.0 Scale Drachen

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