Servo arm Punkair - Aluminium 38mm

Suitable for tuning and standard arms L and XL

Punkair servo arm – aluminium 38mm

Suitable for standard and tuning arms for our Peer L and XL pilots.

Due to the large arms of our scale pilots, enormous forces are sometimes transmitted, which can overtax plastic control horns. Aluminium rudder horns have an advantage here. The force is optimally transferred to the servo output, which protects the servo gearbox. In addition, the servo arms are attached to the servo output with two enclosed screws, thus ensuring a backlash-free and optimum hold.
Made from high-quality CNC-milled aluminium. The servo arms have 25 teeth and therefore fit all standard servos. The servo arms fit our KST and Savöx servos.


Included in the set:
1 x servo arm
2 x fixing screws

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