Para-RC Easy-Punk/BEO 1.0 Starter Set

Para-RC Easy-Punk/BEO 1.0 complete set

A set suitable for RC paragliding beginners as well as model building beginners alike.

Set contents:

-RC paraglider Punkair BEO 1.0 / 2.20 meter wingspan
-Flight system Easy-Punk S
-Drive set S
-Instructions for beginners


Flight system “Easy-Punk S”

-Robust GFK design
-Lightweight and stable
-Easy to assemble
-Short assembly time
-Perfectly balanced
-Adjustable center of gravity
-Propeller up to 8″

Extremely easy to assemble, lightweight but very sturdy GFK design in visually appealing matte finish, perfect for beginners in the RC para/model building scene.


Drive set S

-AL3515 brushless motor
-AS-340BB MG servo 2x
-40A BEC brushless controller
-Air screw CAM-Carbon Light 8×4.5

Requires remote control with receiver and battery, for example, 3S 2400 (not included in the set)


RC paraglider BEO 1.0 with 2.20-meter wingspan

-RC single skin paraglider of well-known Punkair quality
-Very easy to start
-Extremely strong in thermals
-Simple and direct flight characteristics
-25 single skin cells
-Weight range of approximately 0.6 -1.0 kg
-Acro flight capable (looping, rolling, etc.)

The BEO has quickly established itself as one of the best RC paragliders in its class on the market and impresses pilots with its excellent flight characteristics. Compared to other beginner models such as the “Hobby King Paramotor,” the BEO sets new standards in terms of material, processing quality, and flight performance in the beginner class. In the SKYMAN factory, where all other Punkair/Cefics RC paragliders are produced, the BEO is made from high-quality D20 sailcloth and high-performance lines – in the highest quality and ready to fly.

With its impressive flight characteristics, the Punkair BEO 1.0 with a wingspan of 2.20 meters impresses both beginners and advanced pilots. Whether soaring, thermals, or acro – the BEO scores in all areas.

With a surface area of 1.0 m², an aspect ratio of 5.5 with 25 single skin cells, and a weight range of approximately 0.6-1.0 kg, the BEO is extremely easy to start and flies very stable while being extremely strong in thermals. As a gentle all-rounder, it is always easy to fly and never reacts hectically or even moody. The BEO also easily converts light updrafts into altitude, thanks to its low takeoff weight, which is typical for Cefics RC paragliders (depending on wind conditions from around 0.6 kg).

Advanced pilots can also fly the BEO with flight systems that have accelerator servos (e.g., Pro Ultralight S), further increasing the speed range and flight performance.

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